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Wasp Nest Removed London
Don't Try This At Home 
We took a call last month from a very distraught lady in St Albans, who having opened her garage door had unwittingly knocked down a wasp nest that had been built on the ceiling. Although the garage had been in constant use, the nest wasn’t visible until it had grown to such a size that, sliding the door up one day, the lady knocked half of it to the ground. Up until this point, she wasn’t even aware of its existence but thousands of disgruntled wasps certainly made their presence known to her! 
The nest immediately split open releasing hundreds of angry wasps. Judging by the size of the nest, we’d estimated that the queen had been building the nest for at least 2-3 months prior to it being knocked down. And that can only mean one thing – a lot of wasps. Between 1000 – 1500 to be exact. Trying to sweep the nest away, she was overcome by stinging wasps. 
Wasp nest treated
Bee Swarm
Emergency Call 
The average nest holds between 3000 – 7000 wasps in the peak of summer. Luckily at 1500 wasps, the nest hadn’t yet reached capacity but we still deemed it as severe. The client had already been stung which was bad enough, but we knew that wasps would be returning from hunting to a nest that was no longer there to feed the grubs. 
We had a Technician in the vicinity and within 20 minutes he’d been able to get to the client and treat the nest with a fast acting insecticide. Once the threat from the nest had been neutralised, we had to deal with the return of the hunter wasps. We quickly set up a wasp trap to attract the returning wasps before surveying the inside of the garage to make sure that there were no parts of the nest still attached to the ceiling. 
Happy that everything had been taken care of and to prevent the same thing happening again, we agreed to call back in the Spring to install a wasp trap. 

All It Takes Is Teamwork 

I love jobs like this. We’ve obviously got a very happy client, but it just goes to show how good it is to work as a team. Our office manager knew to make this a priority job. She quickly found and diverted the closest Technician and within 20 minutes he was on site and had the situation under control. Great work guys! 
If you've got a problem with a wasp nest, give us a call on 020 8226 6198 
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