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 "ApcUK Has Completed The Hat Trick"  1st Solar Panel Proofing! - 2nd Solar Panel Cleaning! - 3rd Installed Gutter Brush!  

Pigeons removed from under solar panels in Hornchurch, Essex 
We had 2 solar arrays to bird proof today, one of the arrays is situated over a conservatory so scaffolding was needed on the back of the house. 
We were able to use our own scaffold tower to the side of the house. This made the works much more cost effective. 
After we removed the pigeons and 5 nests from under the solar arrays, we clipped and meshed all sides to prevent the pigeons from re-entering. 
Solar panel pigeon barrier
Gutter Brush Installed 
Gutter brush is a great way of keeping unwanted debris out of your gutters and down pipes. 
Once we cleaned out the pigeon droppings and nesting material from the gutters, the gutter brush was installed. 
Gutter brush installed
Solar Panels Cleaned 
The solar panels within both arrays were covered with pigeon droppings and dust which had caused a drop in the electricity being produced. 
ApcUK cleaned the solar panels. You can see the results in the "before and after" shots. 
brid droppings on solar panels
Solar panel cleaning north london
solar panel cleaning london
Solar Panel Pigeon Problem UK Wide 
There seems to be a problem with pigeons nesting under solar panels up and down the country. We have quoted for a proofing install as far north as Glasgow and down to Hastings in the south. 
ApcUK really does cover the whole of the UK. 
Below are solar panel proofing jobs we have carried out so far this year. 
Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels 
Barnet, Hertfordshire 
Our first job of the year takes us to Barnet in Hertfordshire. 
Pigeons had been nesting under these panels for quite sometime time. 
The guttering was completely blocked with pigeon droppings. 5 nests were removed from under the panels along with 2 dead pigeons. We soon had all the nests and dead pigeons bagged up and the gutters cleaned. 
Solar panel pigeon barrier Barnet
I really enjoyed completing this job as the owner had become quite ill from worrying about the health implications, of all the droppings and dead pigeons under her solar panels, which was causing a large amount of maggots and flies. 
By carrying out our work, we had improved this Lady's home environment so much, she become quite emotional and thanked us all for a job well done saying, "I feel like a weight has been lifted from me" we were even presented with a box of dairy milk! 
The solar panels within this array were covered with pigeon droppings and dust which had caused a drop in the electricity being produced. ApcUK are now able to offer the cleaning of solar panels. 
You can see the results in the before and after shots to the right. 
Once all the panels had been cleaned the client said the input had gone up. 
Solar panel cleaning pigeon droppings
Birds Under Solar Water Tubes & Solar Array 
Staines, Surrey 
Down to Staines now for our next job. 
This was a very interesting one, we had 17 panels, split over 3 arrays and a solar water tube install to protect from pigeons. 
The client was very keen to have the pigeons removed as they had been waking them up every morning at 5am for the last month. 
Solar panel pigeon problems
Yet more pigeon problems under solar panels 
Pinner, Middlesex 
Our next job takes us down to Pinner. 
This array had not long been installed and already a large amount of pigeons had moved in and started to nest under the solar panels. 
In total we counted 15 pigeons in the flock and removed 3 nests from under the panels. 
The pigeons kept a watchful eye on the proofing works. Whether the roof tiles are flat or ridged we always achieve a great fit. 
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