Coronavirus Disinfecting Your Home, Communal Areas & Places Of Work 

Coronavirus Disinfection and Cleaning 

With the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) people are struggling to protect themselves and their homes from potential contamination. 
With the ever growing number of confirmed cases and fatalities it is key that we feel safe within our own home and places of work, Area Pest Control are disinfecting and cleaning within Homes, Communal areas within apartment blocks and places of Work to enable necessary workers and key works to continue to work in a safe environment. 
We are able to offer this service due the type of disinfecting and cleaning treatments we carry out on a daily basis, disinfecting homes, commercial units, schools, care homes, bin stores, etc following a Rat, Fly or Cockroach infestation to protect the public from Weil's disease, Salmonella, E. Coli, Hantavirus to name a few. The disinfectant used is for professional use only and is a broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectant, this has inferred efficacy against Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to it's proven efficacy against Caliciviridae and Vaccinia virus, the laboratory surrogate strain for enveloped virus claims, Coronavirus is an enveloped virus. 

Equipment used for Disinfecting Areas Where Coronavirus (COVID-19) May Be Present  

Using the most update spraying techniques and equipment we are able to carry out low level spraying by hand in smaller and sensitive areas to the turn around time for re-entry as well as spot cleaning all touch points in the local vicinity. 
Where larger spaces need disinfecting ULV Fogging machines are used for efficiency. We have recently upgraded our machines to the latest spec for improved efficiency, once the calculation of the area to be sprayed in cubic metres has been made the technician programs the ULV machine to auto shut off once the required liquid has been fogged, releasing them to disinfect and clean other areas of the site while the machine is fogging the area. 

Disinfectant Used For Areas Where Coronavirus (COVID-19) May Be Present  

A liquid biocide is used for space-spray via ULV application and in hand sprayers for low level and sensitive areas. This biocide disinfectant is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi being a virucidal disinfectant, this has inferred efficacy against Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to it's proven efficacy against the laboratory surrogate strain for enveloped virus claims, Coronavirus is an enveloped virus. 
ULV Disinfectant is a "professional use" biocide and has been specially formulated for use in and around human dwellings and work place situations where viruses pose a direct risk to health. 

Why Should We Disinfect Areas Where Coronavirus (COVID-19) May Be Present? 

When a person that has COVID-19 exhales or coughs they will send droplets of fluid carrying the virus over all nearby surfaces. 
These are then spread on to other areas like door handles, light switches etc by hand. You can contract Coronavirus by touching items that have been contaminated with the virus. 
To put this into context, just one cough can release up to 3,000 droplets all carrying the virus. The majority of these droplets will fall quickly onto nearby surfaces as they are heavier than air. However, of the smaller particles can be held in the air and travel further. This is why there is a need to disinfect and clean areas where people have Coronavirus or are showing the known symptoms. 

Coronavirus Cleaning Service 

Area Pest Control offer a disinfecting and cleaning service to prevent the spread of Coronavirus within your Home and place of Work 
* Do you require a disinfection service for Coronavirus? 
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Testimonial from Engel Jacobs Managing Agents 
"Daniel and his team undoubtedly know what they are doing and this knowledge is evident in the service that they provide. For us, working with ApcUK means that we can rest assured that a contract will be followed up and completed to the highest standard and we would most certainly recommend them. 
Their industry knowledge coupled with their second to none customer service is invaluable. Always a job well done!" 
Director, Richard Engel AIRPM 
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