Danger! Ninja Squirrels! 

Squirrel Living Under Solar Panels
Did you know that a squirrel’s front teeth continue to grow throughout their entire life?  
To keep them to a manageable level, they gnaw. In fact, they chew their way through just about anything that’s not made of metal. In urban cities and towns, squirrels have been known to: 
• Gnaw their way through roof beams and supports in lofts 
• Chew through electrical wires 
• Gnaw through water pipes (causing flooding) 
• Contaminate water tanks with their droppings 
Squirrel Control London
Squirrel Damage London
The last four years have seen an influx in solar energy in the UK, which of course has meant a greater number of solar panels being fitted to properties. Clean energy is great news for the planet, but it’s also great news for squirrels as they nest underneath the panels. And chewing through the electrical cables beneath the panels, they can cause a lot of damage. 
The team at ApcUk have visited so many properties that they’ve now developed their own squirrel proofing system. Using galvanised wire mesh, galvanised metal clips and galvanised wire, the system has been 100% successful at keeping squirrels out. 

Act Now Before It's Too Late 

We were recently called out to a customer who had noticed squirrels on her roof. We found that they had indeed nested under the panels and had managed to chew their way through a formidable amount of wiring.  
The end result – 20 areas of damaged wiring and connections needed replacing! We set about proofing the panels against further invasions and were delighted to receive an email from our customer to say that the proofing had indeed done its job and that no squirrels had returned. But more pleasing to us was the fact that the solar installer, who replaced the damaged wiring, etc had also commented on the quality of our work and our proofing system. Praise indeed! 
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