Solar Panel Pest Proofing  

Pigeons Under Solar Panels
Why not go with the cheaper quote. It’s the same job, right? 
If only that were true. When it comes to solar panel pigeon proofing it is certainly not. 
On the whole we all price match. And for some items we should. If you are considering buying a TV, a vacuum cleaner or indeed any white goods, there is always a deal to be had, so for like for like products it makes total sense. However, when you are not looking at like for like quotations less is sadly rarely more. 
Pigeons Roosting Under Panels
Solar Panel Mesh
Failed Squirrel solar panel proofing 
Squirrel proofing carried out by ApcUK 
When done correctly, solar panel pigeon proofing will last for many years. At ApcUK we guarantee ours for 6. Unfortunately, though, proofing is not always carried out by a specialist and when the works are carried out by a local roofer or builder, for example, they don't tend to stand the test of time. We've been in the business for a number of years and in our experience it’s only a few days before the pigeons are back in. Work is probably carried out in good faith, but without knowing the behaviour of pigeons and how they will react to changes in their environment you cannot know how to change their habits. We often find ourselves having to remove materials such as pigeon spikes, chicken wire and damp proof membrane (to name just a few) as pigeons have managed to re-enter under the solar panels. 
Not only does this type of pigeon proofing not work on solar arrays, it can also lead to problems. Furthermore, the panel’s warranty could well become null and void. Some of the materials we have seen used restrict air flow under the panels and have even been screwed into the solar panels. This invalidates any warranty straight away. 
Specialist Work 
Solar panel pigeon proofing is specialist work and should only be carried out by experienced installers. Working with organisations and private owners alike, ApcUK Services have proofed  
over 200 arrays for companies such as eon, Solar Panel Installation businesses, local councils  
and investors. 
Our fully trained, in-house team to carry out the works. We have also designed a specific proofing system. All of the components are galvanised steel and carry our 6 year guarantee. 
Solar Panels
Failed Pigeon Works Solar Panels

UK Coverage For Solar Panel Proofing 

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