Bandit Mice Across North London 

Rats eat Lawnmower London
Bandits on the Loose 
Have you been misplacing or losing items recently? Thought you were going mad or developing early dementia? Don’t panic – chances are you're not going mad. It could it be MICE. Yes, you heard us correctly. Mice! 
We’ve had reports of bandit mice being on the loose and swooping across North London. Blackheath famous for its splendid Victorian properties and friendly neighbours is the latest village in North London to come under attack from the gang dubbed “The Bandit Mice.” 
Having seen evidence of “The Bandit Mice” and fearing the worst, the owner of a lock-up on a small industrial estate on the north side of Blackheath, called us in to investigate. 
It's Time to Call in the Experts 
Dan and his trusty deputy Adam undertook a complete survey and concluded that “The Bandit Mice” were indeed in town and it looked like they were out to cause trouble! Mice droppings, gnawing their way through electric wires, cabling and our client’s stock, these guys meant business. 
Dan and his team quickly got to work proofing the property and barring the mice for good. We’ve now got compelling evidence that they’ve left town sharpish: the owner of the lock-up hasn't’t had anything more go missing and there’s been no more sign of the bandits. Looks like the gang got tipped off that ApcUk had been called in. 
“This is great news for everyone,” said Dan from Area Pest Control “We won’t stop until all the gang members are put behind bars.” 
Rats in lawnmower north london
Rat droppings North London
Armed and Dangerous 
Be aware though that the bandits are still on the loose and could be coming to a town or village near you. ApcUK are warning the public not to approach the gang as they may be dangerous. Let the experts handle it instead and report any signs of mice activity. Area Pest Control is the local authority on mice and specialise in cases like this. A special dedicated hotline has been set up.  
If you suspect anything call ApcUK on 020 8226 6198. 
Alternatively, if you find yourself in a position where you can’t talk, don’t worry, contact us 

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Download your copy of our Rodent Checklist and Proofing Guide and prevent the Bandit Mice entering your home or place of business. It'll keep rodents out of your property.  
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