How much is pest infestation costing your company? 

If your business premises are currently pest free – congratulations! 
But while you may not have a pest infestation at the moment, how long will that last? 
Fact is, pests have easy access to office buildings and warehouses through ceilings, internal ducts and false floors.  
Rats and mice can get in through the smallest of gaps, often entering premises undetected.  
And once they’re in, they gnaw through electrical wires and cabling, causing a huge amount of damage. 
Pests like these aren’t going to go away, either. Quite the opposite, as female rats and mice are able to conceive soon after their first 
litter is born and can give birth every 28 days. Start with a pair of mice and you’ll have 130 more within a year! 
That’s not the only number you need to worry about. According to 2015 research carried out by the Centre for Economics and 
Business Research for an international pest control company, pest infestation takes a heavy financial toll on UK businesses. The 
survey found that there was a nearly £573 million annual increase in operating costs and a £1.2 billion annual decrease in revenue 
due to problems of pest infestation. 
And a high percentage of businesses are affected. The ‘Business Impact of Pests’ report found that almost 92% of businesses had 
reported at least one incident of pest infestation in a five-year period, while on average businesses had to deal with three pest 
infestations over five years. 
With such alarming figures, it pays to be reactive and have a contract in place with a pest control company like ours. We understand 
pest behaviour, which means we can eradicate pest infestation fast and effectively. Every building infrastructure and every type of 
pest is different so our experts make regular site visits to build up an understanding of the problem and offer a tailored solution. We 
can also advise companies on best practice to minimise further pest infestation in the future. 
Still not convinced you need us? It’s not just the financial cost of pest infestation you need to think about. Your employees won’t be 
happy working in an environment they imagine is dirty or unsafe – if the problem persists you could find that while rats and mice are 
entering your premises, some staff are deciding to leave. Your reputation could be a casualty, too. In today’s world of social media, 
the last thing you want to see is news of your pest infestation all over Twitter or Facebook. 
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