PestWatch June - Ants 

Starlings Nesting
June is here and finally and I am writing this on the 70th day of lockdown! 
Our everyday life is changing yet again with some schools and retail stores re-opening, however, there is one constant that we can always count on Pests! They are always there, lockdown or no lockdown. So what are we on the lookout for in June? 

June is the month for Garden Ants, they are mobilising and ready to invade! 

We start to see Ants in and around the garden from early March, as the weather gets warmer they encroach on our personal space, you will see the small heaps of fine soil or sand that gives their location away from their underground activity. 
Although it’s not until we see them marching around the kitchen in their never-ending search for a food source that we know we have been invaded, the infestation has arrived and treatment is needed fast! 
The below photo was taken last week and shows an Ants nest with eggs in the bottom of one of our rat boxes. 

Interesting Facts about Ants 

Whilst they are small in size they are mighty in their numbers, once an ant discovers a food source it will leave a pheromone trail. This chemical tells other ants from the colony where to find the food. 
Fact File: 
1. Ants don’t have ears (they "hear" by feeling vibrations) 
2. Worker Ants are only 3-5mm long 
3. Weight 1 to 2 mg 
4. There are over fifty species of ant found in the UK 
Starlings in the loft

6 ways to prevent Ants? 

1. Clear up - liquid and food spillages immediately. Just the tiniest of crumbs will be enough to attract an army of ants to your home! 
2. Sweep up – crumbs after food preparation from under your kitchen appliances and units. 
Scout Ants are always searching for food sources and it only takes a couple of crumbs for them to notify the rest of the troop! 
3. Store your food - keep food sealed in airtight containers or bags and store them away in cupboards or the fridge. 
Keep an eye on the fruit bowl this can be a hot spot, spoiled fruit needs to be removed and disposed of. 
4. Do you have a pet? - Clear away any leftovers straight away. Pet foods are a food source that will attract ants to your home. 
Be sure to disinfect the bowls after each meal. 
5. Seal up - the entry points for ants by sealing all gaps around your windows and door frames by the means of silicone where necessary. 
6. In the garden – check all bins have tightly fitted lids; 
Ants are great at detecting the leftovers in your rubbish and food waste bins and won’t hesitate to check it out! 
What happened in May? 
Although Starlings were our Pest of the Month, we had a higher number of calls than normal for Rats. 
There have been many reports in the news up and down the country that there is a rise in the number of rat sightings. 
Just today we have found a cable that had been chewed down to the live wires by rats. 
If you have any pest problems and need our help then we can help even during the lockdown as we are now officially a key service 
Call Area Pest Control on 0333 200 1622 Prefer to send an email, 
Look out for July's edition of PestWatch with more useful guidance on what to look out for. 
Stay Safe 
Dan – The Pest Man 
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