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With Halloween on the way, it’s not only ghosts and ghouls that could be coming to your door for handouts, this time it could be something far more sinister! 
So what scary pests are we on the lookout for in October? 
Although cute and fluffy when sitting on the fence or falling off of the bird feeder, don't be fooled, Squirrels should not be underestimated they can cause mayhem in your home, not to mention the sleepless nights! 
As you can see from the photo, not always looking as cute and fluffy as you might have thought. Our technician certainly had sinister thoughts when he opened the loft hatch and shone his torch into the darkness to see a spooky-looking squirrel staring back at him. 
6 Bushy Tale-tail Signs you have Squirrels and what to look for? 
1. Scratching & Chewing sounds from your loft and roof voids. 
2. Droppings and signs of the insulation having been moved in the loft. 
3. Increased sightings of squirrels in the garden and around your home 
4. Damage to the fascia and soffits at the roofline of your property 
5. look at any trees to see if the bark has been stripped from the trunk 
6. Damage to wheely bins (See the below photo) and feed bin lids 

How do Squirrels get into lofts? 

Once a family of squirrels have entered your home generally through gaps in the fascia, soffit or a missing roof tile they will become very active at night, gnawing on the roof trusses and ceiling joists. Their chewing doesn't stop at woodwork, it is very common for the lights to stop working upstairs once a family has moved in as they love to strip the covering from electrical wiring which will go through to the bare wire causing a fault and tripping out your fuse board. 

How to get rid of Squirrels? 

• Cut - Back any branches that are overhanging roof areas or close enough for squirrels to jump the gap 
• Look - for any gaps and openings around the gutter line or missing tiles, repair and replace where needed 
• Birdfeeders - Replaced with the squirrel-proof variety and remove the loose feed 
• Remove - Natural foods from your garden, for example, Fallen fruit 
• Consider - Installing squirrel guards to prevent them from using trees in the garden 

Squirrel Facts: 

1. Squirrels can be left or right-handed 
2. Squirrels have 4 front teeth that never stop growing 
3. Lifespan is 5-7 Years 
4. Squirrels Moult their coat twice a year 
5. Kittens (baby Squirrels) are born with closed eyes, no teeth and no hair 

Other Pests to watch out for in October 

1. Daddy Long Legs (Crane Flies): 
You may be seeing unwanted visitors flying into your home as you open the door or through open windows at the moment. 
Daddy Long legs are completely harmless, although they can be a nuisance in large numbers. Due to short daylight hours, we are turning our lights on earlier and attaching flying insects closer to our homes. 
2. Rats 
Rats have been a big feature this year for both pest controllers and the media, since lockdown they have been a constant pest for homeowners and businesses alike. 
Generally, rats are a major problem from November through to the end of February, but not this year they have been going strong since November 2019 with no sign of slowing down. 
If you have any pest problems and need our help then we can help even during the lockdown as we are now officially a key service 
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Novembers edition of PestWatch is on it's way with more useful guidance on what to look out for. 
Stay Safe 
Dan – The Pest Man 
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