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Pigeons on the balcony  
What do you do when you're called into look at a pigeon proofing job and the Managing Agent wants one solution, the resident asks for something different and the client asks for a different solution, only to find out that the conditions of the lease don't allow for either! This was the case on our last pigeon proofing job. After four months of planning, we think it could well qualify as being one of the smallest bird nets we have ever put up! 
Feral or Town Pigeons are not as hardy as their country cousins, the Wood Pigeon and need protecting from the elements. In this case, the beams supporting the floor of the balcony above the resident’s flat, made the perfect shelter. And it wasn't long before they took up residency. 
Not content with using the balcony as a shelter, they made their presence further known by leaving large deposits of pigeon guano on the balcony floor. 
The easiest way to exclude the pigeons would have been to close off three sides of the balcony with pigeon netting. Obviously, this would have meant that the residents would have to look through a net every time they sat on their balcony. It certainly wasn't a solution that we were happy with and what's more, the conditions of the lease wouldn't allow for this either. 
The Plan 
But we gave it some thought and came up with a plan! After cleaning and disinfecting the beams and floor, we installed bird netting, fixing it to the beams using clips, bridging clamps and wire rope. It worked in that it stopped the pigeons roosting on the beams, but it was only part of the solution. The balcony still had three open sides. 
Chilli Gel, it STINGS! 
Having worked in the industry for a number of years, we knew that any pigeon coming back to roost and finding a net across its landing zone would simply turn away and land on the balcony hand rail to inspect the barrier. This is where experience and the Chilli Gel comes in. 
We applied Avigo Chilli Gel to the hand rails. The active ingredient, Capsaicin is transferred to the feet of the pigeons once they land on the gel. When the birds fly off and tuck their feet up next to their under parts, the Chilli extract does its work causing a mild irritation. 
Not sure a “mild irritation” accurately describes it (come on, you know how it stings when you've wiped your eye after cutting chilies - ouch!) but that’s what is says on the product label so we will go with it. Needless to say, the pigeons have avoided the area altogether since. 
With the balcony being temporarily out of bounds for the residents, the gel was only an interim deterrent, but when we returned four weeks later to remove all trace of the gel we were delighted to hear that the gel had worked. Pigeons had landed they soon flew off again! 
Obviously, with the gel being in a high traffic public area it wasn't possible to leave it for too long, however, when the gel is applied in areas not accessible by people, it acts as a long-term deterrent, only requiring two maintenance inspections a year to replace any gel that may have been worn away by landing birds. Worth considering if your office or building has some unwanted squatters. 
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