Pigeon dropping clean-up 

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pigeon droppings removal
Pigeon dropping clean-up 
Question: How much guano – that’s droppings – can a pigeon produce in a year? 
The answer: up to 14kg 
We’ve always reckoned that would make a great question for a pub quiz – and we were reminded of that when we were called to The 
Pilgrim’s Progress in Bedford a few years ago. Contractors working on the pub’s refurbishment discovered that pigeons had been 
nesting in the lift shaft, and when we inspected the area it was clear from the amount of guano that the pigeons had been there for 
many years. 
We quickly got down to business, removing and securely disposing of all nesting materials and droppings before thoroughly 
disinfecting the lift shaft. 
Then the contractors found more evidence of pigeon activity. It seemed pigeons had been able to get into the lift motor room where 
the door had come away from the frame and had been using the electrical box as a nesting site. Judging by the height of the pigeon 
droppings under the steel girders, they’d been there for a very long time. 
As with the lift shaft the guano had to be disinfected with a biocide before removal. The pigeon droppings were then placed into a bag 
that was sealed and placed into another bag – we always use ‘double bagging’ to stop the spread of disease and to preven spillages. 
How many bags of guano did we remove? A whopping 64! 
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