The Pilgrim's Progress - Pigeon Guano Removal 
A part of history 
The refurbishment of The Pilgrim's Progress pub in Bedford has been underway now for quite some time. The building, originally designed to be used as a furniture warehouse dates back to 1878. Built by John Charles Denton, it opened for business in 1879 and remained in the family for the next 10 years. Following his death, it changed hands and reopened as Longhurst and Skinners. Steeped in history, the building has been an iconic landmark in Bedford for over 80 years and is set to reinvent itself once again and open its doors later this year as a hotel, having been part of the Weatherspoons since 1994. 
As a local business, you can imagine how delighted we were to get the phone call asking us if we could help them out with a pigeon problem. The contractors, working on the interior of the building, had discovered pigeons had nested in the lift shaft. Pigeon control is one of our specialities, so we were only too happy to work on this iconic building. 
Pigeons can produce 12-14kg of droppings a year and when we carried out our inspection, it was clear that the pigeons had been nesting for many years. We quickly got down to business removing and securely disposing of all nesting materials and droppings before thoroughly disinfecting the lift shaft and handing back to the builders. A good day's work if we say so ourselves! 
With April almost upon us, it won't be long before the hotel and pub open their doors once again. We're proud to have had a little hand in history. 
Following completion of the works the main contractor put in a request for us to carry out further works in another part of the building. 
It looked as though the pigeons had also been busy in the lift motor room, the door had come away from the frame allowing the pigeons to enter and take up residence. 
They had been using the electrical box as a nesting site and gauging by the height of the pigeon droppings under the steel girders, they had been there for some time. 
As with the lift shaft the guano had to be disinfected with a biocide before removal. 
The pigeon droppings were then placed into a bag which is sealed and then place into another bag. We used this double bagging technique to stop the spread of disease and to prevent spillages. 
In total we removed 64 bags of guano form the lift motor room. 
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