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How many pigeons are there in London? 

This was a question I asked myself the other day. Following some research I found a website which estimates in 2011 there were some 850,000 pigeons in London. I’m not sure how accurate that number was, but here we are 5 years on and it makes you think. 
What I can tell you is - there are certainly less pigeons now in Tottenham having been moved on by ApcUK Services. This was one of those really enjoyable jobs - the client and the location were both great and we even had the weather on our side! 
Riverside View 
Working right next to the canal gave a bird’s eye view (excuse the pun) of a day in the life of a working lock. There is something very peaceful about watching the rise and fall of the water as the narrow boats travel through the locks. 
We were called in to work on Heron House. Situated on Half Wharf, it’s a striking building made up of two large decked areas on the upper levels with glass structures resembling the bridge of a large ship. The first balcony has a large solar shade running the length of the building over the office windows below. 12 metres of this is covered by the upper balcony, inadvertently creating a man-made roosting and perching area for the resident pigeon population of Tottenham. 
Pigeon Netting London
Pigeon Spikes London
A Game of Two Halves 
A two-part job, we firstly had to pigeon proof the underside of the overhanging top floor balcony with netting and then install pigeon spikes to the top of the solar shading. As with all bird proofing works, access is always tricky and this job didn’t disappoint. 
A light weight scaffold tower was carried up the internal staircase and taken through the office, section by section, successfully negotiating the pot plants and filing cabinets. Once out on the decking, the PASM trained Bird Team erected the tower allowing safe access to the solar shading. 
The solar shading took close to 100 metres of spikes. The net was only 12m x 1.5m (relatively small in pigeon proofing terms), however it bought its own set of challenges. 
The gap between the solar shading and the underside of the upper balcony was not quite a metre in height - which meant we had to work upside down to install the pigeon netting. Not mean feat for 3 strapping guys to say the least! 
However, it was a great day and another successful pigeon proofing install job carried out by the in-house London Bird Team at ApcUK Services. 
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