Prevention Really is Better than Cure 

Pigeon spike proofing
When Pest Infestation affects the Bottom Line 
Well it’s just over three weeks since the Facilities Show and if you’re like me, you’ve only just recovered. From the seminars and panel debates to the exhibition and networking bar, it really was a packed couple of days. But now it’s back to the real world and back to the grindstone as they say. 
Since the show, I’ve been reflecting on our business and one thing that certainly stands out for me is that when it comes to pest control, for businesses, prevention really is better than cure. Every year, there are reported cases of companies having to bear the costly impacts of pest infestation. In fact, it’s estimated that in 2014 interruptions to business resulted in an increase of £5.8 billion* in operating costs. But the impact goes far wider than the financial costs – there’s also the damage to reputation and the impact on staff to consider. 
Easy Pickings 
Today’s air conditioned office buildings and warehouses, with internal ducts and false floors and ceilings provide ideal conditions for pests. Rats and mice are capable of squeezing through the smallest of gaps, often entering buildings largely undetected. And they can cause a lot of damage, gnawing through electrical wires and cabling. But it isn’t just the damage that they’re capable of that should cause concern. Rats and mice are able to conceive soon after their first litter is born and can give birth every 28 days. So, in the right conditions (a warm and predator free building), a pair of mice can produce up to 130 offspring in a year. A sobering thought! It’s easy to see then how quickly an infestation can escalate. 
So far we’ve only considered the building’s interior. Pigeon faeces is highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage. Apart from the obvious fouling on the building, over time debris can build up blocking gutters and drains which can ultimately cause flooding and roof damage. 
Rodent ceiling damage Rodent pipe damage
Pigeon droppings North London
Keeping Disruption to a Minimum 
To keep infestations and subsequent disruption to a minimum, taking proactive measures and engaging with a pest control expert who understands pest behaviour makes perfect sense. Working on a contractual basis, a pest control company, with regular site visits can quickly build up an understanding of a company and how it operates offering them a tailored solution to meet individual business needs. 
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*estimate based on 1053 business surveyed across 5 countries (Rentokil ‘The Business Impact of Pests’ report) 

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