Rats Will Eat Just About Anything! 

Rats eat Lawnmower London
Rats and lawnmowers are not a good mix... 
“Rats have eaten my lawnmower!” Granted, it’s not something you hear every day, but that's how my conversation went when I recently took a call from a customer in North London. Now that spring’s arrived and the weather is starting to pick up, it’s the perfect time to start spending time in the garden. But if you’ve not been into your shed since the depths of winter, like my customer, you could be in for a surprise. There was a rat infestation in her garden shed and as you can see in the above photo (marked by the red lines), rats had gnawed away at large parts of the lawnmower
Lawnmower Dining 
Not only had the rats dined out on the underside of the mower, they decided they liked it so much that they took up residence for the winter! The inside of the collection box up had been filled with earth and rubble making a nice warm place to take refuge from the harsh outdoors. 
It’s our policy to undertake a complete survey and identifying the pest is always the first part of any review. Looking at the marks left by the gnawing, we knew straight away that rats were to blame. And then, as we kept looking, we found Mr Rats calling card. Rat droppings are around 5 times bigger than mice droppings and are generally banana shaped. 
Rats in lawnmower north london
Rat droppings North London
Rats, mice and squirrels can fit through a much smaller gap than you may think. They also have very powerful jaws and are quite capable of making their own entry point. Once in an attic or loft space, for example, they can cause real damage to electrical wires and cabling. So you can imagine we were keen to make sure that it was only the shed that they’d invaded and that they hadn’t got into the house. They were obviously quite happy with the shed as the infestation hadn’t spread to the house. 
We carried out three visits and are pleased to say that by our last call no more bait had been taken. Good news for our customer - the shed and garden are now pest free! And to make sure it stays that way, we also proofed the shed with wire mesh to prevent any future rat infestations. 

Your rodent checklist and proofing guide 

We have produced a short Rodent Checklist and Proofing Guide to help you keep rodents out of your property.  
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