Safer Food Better Business For Caterers Pack 

In this blog we will be looking at the Food Standards Agency, Safer Food Better Business For Caterers folder section by section,  
covering, Cross - Contamination, Cleaning, Chilling Of Food, Cooking, Management and the Diary section. 

A Key Part Of Your Food Hygiene Rating inspection 

This pack helps you stay within the Food Safety & Hygiene Regulations and is a key part of your ongoing food hygiene inspections and will form a large part of your rating score, it is imperative the folder is updated on a daily basis. Your Environmental Health Officer will expect to see the management and diary sections filled out. Not having a Safer Food Better Business For Caterers pack in your food outlet will have a negative effect on your Food Hygiene Rating score. 
This is why Area Pest Control will supply you with a complete folder on your first visit if you do not have one to offer you ongoing support all of our technicians carry spare dairy sheets to ensure you never run out. 
This is how committed we are in helping you to achieve and maintain a 5 Star Food Rating 

Cross-Contamination is regarded to be one of the most common causes of food poisoning 

Cross-Contamination happens when harmful bacteria are spread from one surface to another which is then used for food preparation, pests play a large part in the spread of bacteria Rats and Mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases, with Cockroaches being implicated in the spread of 33 kinds of bacteria E. coli and Salmonella being the most common. Flies and flying insects pose a large risk for cross-contamination as they are able to fly back and forth from outside bin storage areas, rubbish and animal faeces through open un-screened windows and doors. 
Having a Pest Control service agreement in place with the correct Integrated Pest Management IPM is key to preventing pest from entering the front and back of house areas. 

Cleaning Effective cleaning is essential to rid harmful bacteria and allergens stopping them spreading to food 

This section explains handwashing, effective cleaning, how to clean and clear as you go and will guide you on developing a cleaning schedule. 
⦿ Handwashing ⦿ When To Wash Your Hands ⦿ Cleaning Effectively ⦿ Clear & Clean As You Go ⦿ Your Cleaning Schedule 

Chilling Of Food helps to stop harmful bacteria from growing 

This section explains about storing and displaying chilled food, chilling down food once cooked as well as freezing and defrosting. 
⦿ Chilled Storage ⦿ Displaying Chilled Food ⦿ Chilling Down Hot Food ⦿ Defrosting ⦿ Freezing 

Cooking to kill any harmful bacteria it is essential to cook food properly 

This section provides guidance on cooking safely, foods that need extra care when cooking, reheating, keeping food hot and ready-to-eat foods. 
⦿ Cooking Safely ⦿ Foods That Need Extra Care ⦿ Reheating ⦿ Checking Your Menu ⦿ Hot Holding ⦿ Ready-To-Eat-Food ⦿ Acrylamide  

Management Managing your business effectively is vital for food safety 

This section looks at different management issues, opening and closing checks, suppliers and contractors, stock control, training and the supervising of staff. 
⦿ Opening & Closing Checks ⦿ Extra Checks ⦿ Food Allergen Information ⦿ Training & Supervision ⦿ Customers ⦿ Suppliers & Contractors 
⦿ Stock Control ⦿ Product Withdrawal & Recall ⦿ Safe Method Completion Record 

Diary is specially designed to help you run your business effectively  

This section is a part of the pack that requires your input and fulfills part of the Food Safety & Hygiene Regulations. 
⦿ Week-To-Week Diary Pages ⦿ Opening & Closing Checks ⦿ 4-Weekly-Reviews ⦿ Staff Training Record ⦿ Suppliers ⦿ Cleaning Schedule 
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