Pigeon Guano Cleaning 

Phase 1 
We were contacted by the facilities manager of a large Academy in Luton that was having problems with pigeon droppings on the staircase and algae build up on the floor. 
One of the fire escapes at the school was being used by the local pigeons as a roost and nesting site. This would have made the fire escape unsafe had there have been an emergency evacuation. 
The first job was to remove the pigeons from their roost sites and temporarily block the entrance points. Once this was done the whole staircase and ledges were sprayed with PX-Ornikill. By disinfecting all the areas we have greatly reduced the risk of disease transfer. 
Pigeons are known to carry ornithosis, psittacosis, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis and other serious diseases. 
As you can imagine a thorough clean is needed to remove all the pigeon guano, nests and debris from every level of the staircase. 
You can see from the photos what a difference professional cleaning makes. 
Not only have we removed the pigeon droppings but we have made this a cleaner and safer environment to be used in case of an emergency. 
Pigeon bird proofing
Now for Phase 2: 
High level bird proofing to stop the pigeons returning. 
We used an Articulated Boom (Cherry Picker) to carry out the bird netting work due to the height, follow our blog to see how we get on. 

Pigeon Guano Removal 

ApcUK are experts in: 
Pigeon guano removal, control and bird proofing works. 
We offer a complete service from pest infestation removal, post infestation cleanup and then preventing the birds roosting and nest on the building by installing netting, spikes, wire systems, bird mesh and bird gel. 
We hold PASMA and IPAF certificates allowing us to use and install scaffold towers and articulated booms (cherry pickers). Where needed we have the option of using rope access. This allows us to work free of a man safe system and edge protection. 
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