Rats coming in with the Cold! 

Pest Control in the snow
Snow is on the ground and so are the rats 
Snowfall and falling temperatures force rodents to look for warmer places to shelter. And with this in mind, you'll need to be mindful of rats, mice or squirrels entering your property and storage areas. 
Food is also scarce this time of year and vermin are canny creatures and will always be on the lookout for a free meal. This will generally be offered by your bin store and from that bag that never quite made it into the bin. 
They're outside for the moment 
You might not feel too concerned - after all it's all happening outside. But what it does mean is that the rats have now found a food source and it’s this food source that has brought them one step closer to your home. Especially handy when they are looking for a warm place to shelter for the night. 
How rodent proof is your property? 
What does this mean to you? Rats, mice and squirrels can fit through a much smaller gap than you may think. Sewers, drainage systems and holes left by redundant pipe work beckons to rats. In terrace housing, once rats have worked their way into the loft, they will often move from house to house via gaps in the separating walls. Food for thought. 
Rat proofing north london
These bins have been damaged by squirrels and shows just how destructive rodents can be when looking for food. 
Squirrel are Gymnasts and Mice are Ninjas 
Squirrels are the gymnasts of all the rodents. Vaulting brickwork, scaling downpipes and squeezing through the smallest of gaps they are masters of the sport. They also have very powerful jaws and if they can’t find an entry point, they are more than capable of making their own. Which can mean big trouble - once in the loft or attic space they can cause a lot of damage, often gnawing through electrical wires and cabling. 
If squirrels are the gymnasts of the rodent world than mice are definitely the Ninjas, sprinting around homes and office blocks largely undetected. It's only their droppings and part chewed food wrappers that give them away. Because of their dexterity, openings larger than 6mm need to be ‘proofed’ to prevent mice getting in. 

 Your rodent checklist and proofing guide 

We have produced a short Rodent Checklist and Proofing Guide to help you keep rodents out of your property.  
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