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Squirrel damage North London

Squirrel Control 

We were recently called out to a home in Watford, where the home owner thought she had seen maggots dropping out of the loft hatch. Having only just bought the house, the owner found out that she had a problem with squirrels and had on several occasions seen squirrels entering the roof space just above the gutter. Thinking that she was doing the right thing, she called in a roofer, who promptly blocked up the entry point. Unfortunately 3 squirrels were already inside the loft and without access to water or food, sadly they starved to death. Suddenly I knew why the fly larvae were coming through the loft hatch. 
The Wrong Trade? 
Squirrels are very agile and are capable of vaulting brickwork, scaling downpipes and squeezing through even the smallest of gaps. Their jaws are powerful and if they do get into a loft space, they can cause serious damage gnawing through electrical wires and cabling.  
If you suspect that you've got squirrels in your home its always advisable to call in a pest control expert. Specialists in their field, they are aware of pest behaviour and will be able to eradicate them in a safe and humane way. 
Squirrel removal north london
Squirrel Control North London
Entering the Unknown 
Dressed in a yellow Bio-hazard suit and a full face respirator mask on I went up the ladder and into the loft. As you can image it wasn't pleasant – there were four squirrels, all in various stages of decomposition. One of them was noticeably more decomposed than the rest and it was obvious that this had been a long-term problem. Attempting his own form of DIY pest control, the previous owner had even left rat poison out. 
The Solution 
I set about removing the squirrels, poison and larvae. Once everything was clear, I used a fogger (a machine that turns liquid insecticide into a mist) throughout the loft space. A simple process, the mist from the fogger is blown up to the top of the loft space. As it falls, the droplets of the insecticide then cover every surface in the loft. Extremely effective, the residue lasts for two weeks or more and not only kills the larvae, but also any flies that emerge from their cocoons. 
All in a day’s work 
As you can imagine the loft space was quite a mess. The only thing to do was to remove the soiled insulation, disinfect the loft and lay new insulation. Extremely pleased with the end result, wed made a real difference to our clients home. 

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