Window Cleaners Shut Down Due To Freezing Temperatures 

Squirrel damage North London
Although we seem to be having a mild winter so far in the south, there have been some frosty nights with temperatures plummeting to -5 in the Greater London areas. Looking ahead to the New Year and January is showing constantly lower temperatures as you would expect. This cold snap will affect not only window cleaners but companies generally where water is relied on to carry out daily cleaning works. 
Only too aware of how the weather can affect the cleaning and keen to maintain a consistently high standard of work, we invested in a state-of-the-art window cleaning delivery system. When it comes to cleaning, hot water cuts through dirt and grime and will always outperform cold water. A heated pure water window cleaning delivery system not only stops the water from freezing but it also boosts the cleaning power of the water on heavily soiled windows. 

Instant Hot Water - Perfect For Cleaning Windows 

Our newly installed GrippaMAX tank and HydroHeat diesel hot water heater (heats water to 80°c on demand) gives us 850L of 100% pure de-ionised water. Better still, during driving and rest periods the heater remains active, keeping the water heated and circulating to maintain an even temperature throughout the tank. 
Fitted with a night sleep mode with frost setting, should the water temperature fall below 2°c, the heater will automatically ‘fire up’, actively heating and circulating the water through the whole system to prevent the water and pipes freezing. Perfect for those cold mornings, when the cleaning techs are ready to start their first job of the day. No waiting around and no lost time! 

Two Man Window Cleaning Set Up 

Keen to keep the company’s carbon footprint down, Adam (one of our technicians) has been busy insulating the van with a triple layer of insulation. Guaranteed not only to reduce heat loss but also minimising the running time of the heater. 
Equipping the van with a twin stacker reel both running 100m of hose means two technicians can work up to 100m away from the vehicle. Spot on when we’re cleaning the windows of large office and apartment blocks. 
With constant hot water, no sign of a frozen pipe and the ability for two guys to work side by side, there’s no risk of us not keeping to our service schedules. Winter? Bring it on! 
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