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At ApcUK Services we specialise in reactive, planned and contracted works. Since we started in 2010, the Company has grown considerably and to meet the ever increasing needs of our clients, our services have expanded to incorporate a comprehensive range of cleaning services as well as pest control. Specialising in commercial gutter clearing and cleaning, we work on a wide range of buildings, including Retail Units, Factories, Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Hospitals, Schools and Council Properties. 

Gutter Maintenance Is Key 

Out of sight out of mind is often the case when it comes to guttering and it's not until they overflow, start to leak or come away from the building altogether that a service plan is put into place to prevent future problems recurring. 
Gutters, gullies and downpipes all serve the same purpose - to remove rainwater from the roof efficiently and quickly. However, without routine inspections and maintenance gutters can quickly become blocked. And once a rainwater system becomes blocked, water will start to build up, pooling in the gutter until the gutter is full and overflowing. A litre of water weighs 1kg. Imagine then the pressure that the gutter is under as the water builds up. Standing water will also speed up the rate of corrosion weakening and damaging fittings, joints and seams. Maintenance is the key to a healthier gutter system and with our service plans keeping your gutters healthy is hassle free. 

Reactive Gutter Cleaning 

When gutters overflow on industrial and commercial buildings the costs can mount up extremely quickly, reaching far beyond the repair and clean-up costs. To prevent the gutters from continually overflowing and causing further damage to the building, the gutters need to be cleared of debris and unblocked as soon as possible. 
At ApcUK, we have a team of in-house technicians and all gutter maintenance is carried out by a two-man team. We also stock a range of materials for repairing minor leaks as and when necessary. 
All visits are followed up with a full report detailing all work undertaken as well as ‘before’ and ‘after’ digital photographs. We will also report on any defects in the guttering system as well as drawing your attention to any areas of concern. 

Planned Gutter Cleaning 

When was the last time your gutters were cleaned and inspected? 
If they have not been looked at within the last 12 months then there is no better time to book a visit for a full clean and inspection of the buildings gutter system.  
We Also Install Tile & Snow Guards Call To Find Out More 020 8226 6198 

Contracted Gutter Inspection & Reporting Service 

To keep in line with commercial building insurance companies recommendations and expectations, our service agreement plan provides you with evidence in the event of a claim due to a failed rainwater removal system. All service plans are bespoke to each building and tailored to the clients needs, as a minimum all our service agreements consists of: 
■ On-site service folder ■ Routine scheduled inspections ■ Scheduled visits for cleaning and debris clearing ■ Visit and inspection reports 

High Level Gutter Cleaning 

For hard to reach gutters that cannot be cleaned using a gutter vac system, MEWP's can be used to include Cherry Pickers, Scissor Lifts and self-propelled Mobile Boom vehicles, designed for working at heights of up to 23m (7.5 storeys), they are the ideal solution. Our team of technicians are fully IPAF trained in the safe use of powered elevated platforms and all have the necessary skills to carry out work at height. For buildings with roof safety lines and fall arrest anchor points holding a current pass certificate, our team can work from the roof using harnesses and fall arrest equipment to clean the gutters. 
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Tile & Snow Guards 

ApcUK also install tile and snow guards to stop tiles and snow falling from the roof and onto parked vechicles or pedstrians below. 
having tile and snow guards installed while we are on site clearing the guttering offers efficiency and cost savings. 
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