Managing Agents Window Cleaning 

Window Cleaning For Block And Estate Management 

Professionally trained by the Federation of Window Cleaners to IOSH standards, ApcUK Services cleaning division cleans windows for both commercial and residential properties for managing agents. 

Ensuring Window Cleaning Schedules Are Kept To 

Our vehicles are fitted with the latest heated water delivery systems ensuring 100% pure water is heated to the optimum temperature, guaranteeing the best possible clean, regardless of whether your windows are being cleaned by water fed pole (wfp) or by traditional methods. Heated water will always outperform cold water. And to ensure optimum cleaning 100% pure heated water is used even during the summer months. 
A heated water system comes into its own in the winter months when the outside temperatures are freezing. Fitted with a night sleep mode with frost setting, should the water temperature fall below 2°C, the heater will automatically 'fire up', actively heating and circulating the water through the whole system to prevent the water and pipes freezing. Perfect for those cold mornings as cleaning schedules are not interrupted. Each tank has a thermostat to keep the water heated and circulating while the vehicle is at rest ensuring the water is ready to clean windows from the first to the last job of the day. 
100% Pure Water 
No spotting or white marks  
In house teams 
Professionally IOSH trained  
Hot Water heated to 80°C 
Exceptional cleaning power 
Live tracking of fleet and staff 
Auto rescheduling software 

Mobile Window Cleaning 

Each vehicle is fitted with 2x 100m hose reels and a mobile hose reel holding an additional 100 metres of hose so when needed the hose reel can be connected to give a run of 200 metres. 
When we need to clean windows in areas that it is not practical to take a hose, i.e upstairs, balcony walkways to the roof of buildings and other out of the way places wfp backpacks and trolleys are used. 
The backpacks and trolleys are filled up from an outlet on the tank with hot pure water for Mobile window cleaning. 
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We've Got Managing Agents Covered On Pest Control 

Along with Window Cleaning, Pest Control is one of our core services covering 
Rodents, Birds and Insects for reactive, planned and contracted works. 
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