Ant Pest Control Specialists 

Ant Nest Treatment Service 

Ants can spread very quickly from the outside and into your property this can be very distressing when ants are discovered roaming around. 
Our pest control technicians are trained in using both bait treatments and insecticides to control ant infestations inside and out. 

Ant Nest Treatment 

All technicians have received specialists training in the treatment of Ants. 
We offer expert advice in preventing future Ant infestations.. 
Our treatments are customised to ensure control of your Ant nest. 
For peace of mind we leave Ant bait stations down to protect long after we have gone. 
Free Ant bait stations with every visit 
Ant Control 020 8226 6198 
Are you seeing Ants entering and exiting from a hole in your property? 
If you are you almost certainly have an Ants nest. 
Call ApcUK today to arrange an appointment for the control of Ants. 
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