Wasp Control & Removal Service London 

Wasp Nest Treatment & Nest Removal Service 

The discovery of a wasp nest can be very distressing, especially as there's a real chance of being stung. 
This is one pest you really need to call in professional help. 
Our technicians have been professionally trained in the treatment and removal of wasp nests. 
We offer a complete wasp control solution from treating the nest to eradicate the wasps through to the removal of the nest and any dead wasps. We can even install a professional wasp trap to keep your garden and outside areas safe. 

  Wasp Nest Treatment 

All technicians have received specialist training in the treatment and removal of wasps. 
We offer expert advice in preventing future nests forming and can carry out checks for you. 
All technicians wear special protective clothing to prevent being stung during treatment. 
For peace of mind we guarantee our treatments and we can return to remove the nest. 
Wasp Nest 100% Guaranteed 
Wasp nest treatment
Wasp nest pest control

Wasp Nest Removal 

We can remove your wasp nest 48 hours after treatment. 
Wasp nest should only be removed by professionally trained technicians. 
The nest and wasps will be removed from your home and taken away with the technician. 
Wasp nest removal
Wasp nest treated and removed

  Emergency Wasp Nest Control 020 8226 6198 

Are you seeing wasps entering and exiting from a hole in your property? 
If you are you almost certainly have a wasp nest. 
Are you concerned about the presences of wasp? 
Don't get stung investigating the nest. 
Call ApcUK today to arrange a call out for the control of wasps. 
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