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Garden or Black Ants, become an issue in the warmer months when they invade our homes and businesses, in the search for food.  
How do get rid of Ants 
Each Ant is programmed to do a job, the foraging worker Ants job is to locate food and will be the one we come into contact within our homes and properties the most, it's this Ant that helps us to achieve the most effective form of control. By laying down a specially formulated bait in the areas used by the ants, the bait will be eaten and taken back as a food source to the colony, this in turn will bring more ants back to feast on the new found food source. 
Ant Nest in a wall
Ants nest

How to get rid of Flying Ants 

Flying Ants 
Each year on "Flying Ant Day" we get invaded by flying ants in our homes and businesses how can you prevent this? 
The short-term and easiest option, is to close all the doors and windows for the duration, easier said then done when their flight is combined with one of the hottest days of the year.  
Insect screens are a long-term solution and have the added benefit of preventing flying insects from entering your property all year round. 
If you have flying ants in your property we are here to help, contact us and speak direct to a pest controller.  
Flying ants
Get rid if flying ants

4 steps to removing ants from your home 

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4. Aftercare 
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The most effective way of dealing with Ants is to enlist professional help in the form of a pest control company. 
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