Fly Control Specialists 

Fly Treatment Service 

There are many flies that may infest your property the key is to identify what species of fly that is causing the problem only then can a treatment program be selected. 
Our pest control technicians are trained in identifying flies and using insecticides to control Fly infestations inside homes and businesses. 
We offer a complete Fly control solution from spray and fogging treatments to installing and maintaining EFK's Electronic Fly Killers as well as Electronic Glue Board Fly units.. 

Fly Control Treatment 

All technicians have received specialists training in the treatment of Flies. 
We offer expert advice in preventing future Fly infestations. 
All technicians wear special protective clothing during treatment. 
Our treatments are customised to ensure total control of your Fly problem. 
For peace of mind we can set up fly control devices. 

Cluster Flies 

Cluster flies are one of the more common flies that you may find in your loft and throughout your home or commercial building. 
Cluster Flies live outdoors in the summer months. They then enter homes in autumn to hibernate usually going into the roof spaces and the lofts of our homes,  
Although they can come in through gaps around windows. 
They can produce a rather sickly smell in large numbers and will emerge from their hibernation if artificially warmed up. 

 Cluster Fly Eradication 

ApcUK will eliminate your Fly infestation by using a specialist machine called a fogger, the fogger sprays a mist of insecticide into your loft directly onto the flies as well as covering all their resting and hiding places. 
The mist is very fine and is sprayed under pressure by the fogger, making sure every inch of your loft is covered. 
Cluster Fly Prevention 
Whilst proofing a roof space may prove to be impractical, proofing window frames produces great results in reducing the amount of flies coming into your home. Area Pest Control can carry out the proofing works for you. 
Fly Control 020 8226 6198 
Are you seeing large numbers of Flies?  
If so you almost certainly have a Fly problem. 
Are you concerned about the presences of Flies? 
Call ApcUK today to arrange an appointment for the control of Flies. 
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