Professional Wasp Traps 

Are wasps upsetting you or your customers? 

Wasps can be a really problem to pubs and restaurants, often forcing customers back inside reducing the amount of usable seating. 
ApcUK can supply, install and manage professional wasp traps, these traps will help to keep your outside drinking and dining areas wasp free. 
They work by catching the scout wasp which stops him returning to the nest and bring back the rest of the colony. 
"This is by far the best trap we have ever worked with and is the wasp trap of choice for theme parks in the UK." 
"We use this trap ourselves" 
Wasp trap
Wasp Traps 020 8226 6198 
Are wasps causing problems in your open spaces? 
Are you concerned about the presences of wasp? 
Don't wait until someone get stung . 
Call ApcUK today to arrange a survey today. 
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