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Wasp nest removal
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Wasp nest removal

How To Prevent Wasps 

6 ways to prevent Wasps: 
1. Put up a trap – Wasp traps correctly placed can be very effective in keeping wasps at bay 
2. Light a candle – to keep wasps and many other insects away use citronella candles when eating outside. 
3. Install – Insect mesh over any air bricks and vents to prevent wasps from entering 
4. Plant Herbs - Wasps do not like aromatic scents; specifically from mint, thyme, and eucalyptus. Planting herbs outside can help to repel pest wasps. 
5. Check for Nests – in your home, garage and sheds in early spring for nests, early on they will be the size of a golf ball - early small nests have fewer wasps and are easier to treat quickly. 
6. Stop the Queen – building a nest next year by looking for golf ball size winter overstays in the loft towards the end of October, having these removed will prevent a nest being built in the following spring. 
Get rid of Wasps 
Let the professionals take control of your wasp problem 
High or low wasps will nest anywhere, wasps have few predators in the UK as they defend their nest to the end, this is why we recommend calling in a professional pest control company to deal with your wasp problem. 
As pest controllers we wear protective equipment to prevent stings from wasps defending their nest during our treatment to eliminate the nest. 

Wasp nest removal 

Wasp nest removal can be carried out 48 hours after the treatment, this is to ensure there is no longer a threat from any alive wasps. 
Why remove wasp nests? 
Disused wasp nests can become a home for other pests such as Moths, Hover Flies, Carpet Beetle and Red Flour Beetle, these pests can further infest your home, by removing the wasp nest once treatment has been carried out will prevent future infestations. 

4 steps to removing Wasps 

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3. Service 
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4. Aftercare 
Our service doesn't stop at the door 
Wasp nest removal 
Prevention advice  
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Worried about Wasps in your home or business? 
The most effective way of dealing with Wasps is to enlist professional help in the form of a BPCA acredited pest control company. 
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