Pigeon Balcony Proofing 

Pigeons on balcony

Are pigeons taking over your balcony? 

With more high rise apartment blocks being built to accommodate the UK housing needs, pigeons have capitalise on the outside space for perching, roosting and nesting sites. 
Your balcony gives the pigeons warmth, shelter from the elements and protection from predators. 
Balconies have become the perfect nesting site, pigeons cause unwelcome noise, smell and produce large amounts of guano (droppings) that block the water removal system on the balcony which can cause it to overflow. 
There is also a danger to health, pigeons and their droppings can carry over 60 different diseases some of which are airborne making them highly transferable to humans. 
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How do I get rid of pigeons on my balcony 

We achieve 100% Success rate with keeping Pigeons off of your Balcony 
ApcUK has installed many pigeon nets and spikes on balconies across Greater and Central London. 
Using our system we achieve 100% success rate with keeping pigeons out! 
Pigeon nest on Balcony

 Stop pigeons nesting on your balcony 

Pigeons will build their nests almost anywhere and are brazen enough to take up residents on your balcony. 
The best way to prevent pigeons from accessing your balcony, is to put a physical barrier in place by way of a net. 
All nests and eggs are removed under the Wild Bird general licence which we have obtained from Natural England. 
To Keep Pigeons OFF! contact us for a quotation London Office: 020 8226 6198 Bedford Office: 01234 798 198 
Pigeon Balcony Proofing

The ApcUK Pigeon Balcony Proofing Process 

We only use high quality nets and high-grade Steel weather proof components on all our installs 
Setting Up: 
You don't want the pigeon mess on your balcony but more importantly you don't want the mess in your home, the first part of our job is to insure that does not happen. All technicians wear overshoes when in your home at all times and sheeting is laid down to prevent any dirt being brought in. 
The Clean: 
The pigeon droppings, nests and any debris are first disinfected then transferred into doubled up polythene heavy duty bags. 
A zip tie is used to seal the bags and then removed from your home. A cleaning solution is then sprayed onto the balcony and surrounding areas. The balcony is then cleaned with a pressure washer, finally the windows are professionally cleaned with pure water. 
The Netting: 
Fixings are installed around the opening, wire rope is then threaded through the fixings and attached to a turnbuckle. Once the wire has been tensioned, the net is attached using hog-rings. With a perfectly installed tight net the pigeons are not able to return to the balcony.  
Proofing to keep Pigeons from going under the solar panel array: 
Using the solar panel bird exclusion system developed by ApcUK. 
Galvanised metal steel clips are installed on to the panel, this process is carried out on every outer panel within the array. 
Galvanised welded wire steel mesh is then cut to suit the height of your panels. 
The Galvanised steel wire restraints are then used to attach the mesh to the clips, creating a physical barrier to stop the pigeons going back under the panels. 
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