Squirrel, Rat & Mice Proofing Guide 

 Your rodent checklist and proofing guide 

Here at ApcUK Services we have produced a short rodent control checklist and proofing guide to help keep rodents out of north London properties. 
When looking for rodent entry points make sure you: 
Look Low 
Airbricks and grates can break and make easy entry points 
Gaps at the bottom of a garage door also offer easy access 
Look Up 
Holes left by redundant pipe work 
Gaps around pipe work 
Missing vent pipe covers 
Look High 
Rotten soffit or facia 
Missing roof or ridge tiles 
Mortar missing from the verge 
Mouse entry points
Mouse proofing north london
Mice in the garage north london mice proofing the garage north london
Rodent proofing guide 
When proofing for mice, any hole or gap larger than 6mm needs to be proofed, so whether excluding rats, mice or squirrels, we would recommend filling all holes lager than 6mm to prevent future infestations. 
The Method 
The method that works on most building materials would be to use expanding foam and wire wool for holes up to 50mm. For holes over 50mm wire mesh can be used to temporarily exclude rodents from the building. However, longer term a more permanent repair should be sourced. 
Of course we can’t cover every area of proofing and possible entry points in our short guide but we’d be more than happy to talk to you. Just contact us if you’d like any further information. 

 Call our North London proofing team 020 8226 6198  

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