Rabbit Control & Removal Specialists 

Rabbit Damage 
Rabbits cause large scale damage to Farmers crops, using them as a food source. 
They also cause damage to golf courses, garden lawns by digging for new shoots and trees young and old by stripping the bark. 
Rabbit Control With Ferrets 
Using ferrets is a very quick and effective way of controlling rabbits. It is even said, “Using ferrets is nature’s way”. Ferrets can be used for controlling rabbits across any size warren. 
To start the entrance and exit points of the warren are netted. The ferret is then placed down one of the rabbit holes, she will then search the warren looking for any rabbits. , As soon as a rabbit senses her it will bolt out of a hole and in to the waiting net, the rabbit is then quickly and humanly dispatched and the net replaced. 
This process is repeated until there are no more rabbits are left in the warren. 
All the holes are then filled in with earth. 
Rabbit Removal Shooting 
A rabbit shoot is carried out during the hours of darkness, using night vision scopes and spot lights. 
All rifles used by Area Pest Control are fitted with silencers to avoid any disturbance to both rabbits and neighbouring properties. This method of control is effective for high populations of rabbits. Spread over a large area, the method works equally as well when there are only a few, rabbits causing the problem. 
Rabbits are humanely shot one by one quickly reducing the population. This method of rabbit control works well in both rural and urban areas. 
Rabbit Control Gas (Aluminium Phosphide) 
Aluminium Phosphide can only be brought and used by trained professionals. 
Area Pest Control has trained operatives who hold a current City & Guilds certificate for the use of Aluminium Phosphide in rabbit control. 
The use of gas to control rabbits is a very effective way of controlling rabbits quickly and humanly,although Gassing cannot be used in every case due to its nature. There are restrictions on its use around buildings occupied by humans and livestock as well as water courses. 
A survey and risk assessment is carried out on each and every site before use. 
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