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Rats in the walls and ceilings 

You may be hearing movement, gnawing and scratching coming from the walls and ceilings, 
Quite often in homes and buildings rats will find their way into the wall cavities and ceiling voids. 
Once inside the wall cavity rats have access all areas, free to move around the property gaining access to the attic, loft spaces, kitchens and bathrooms via pipework and unfilled holes. 
Generally most properties do not have access to the cavity wall or the area between the floorboards and ceiling. ApcUK Services can now gain access to these areas with the use of a specialist access point, once installed we can look into the wall or ceiling for signs of rat activity and possible damage. 
One of the key ways to control any rodent infestation is to place the bait into an area where the rats feel safe and secure. By doing so, bait shyness can be reduced and the acceptance of bait is encouraged. By installing the access point we can place bait directly into the areas of pest activity keeping any rat poison safely away from young children and pets. 
For more information on having an access point installed in your property, Call 020 8226 6198 
rat poison bait point

Damaged Caused by Rats 

Rats are naturally destructive mainly due for their need to constantly gnaw on items to keep their 
incisors in-check as they never stop growing. 
Unfortunately once they are in your property they will gnaw on your electrical wiring, wooden joist's and even pipework. Rats use the insulation for nesting material as well as their toilet area. This type of damage is costly to repair and can often mean the ceiling being taken down to carry out the repair 
Early intervention and proofing works to stop rats gaining entry into your property are key. 
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The Great Escape... 
This rat had entered the building through an open door, then exited through the letterbox! 
The sharp-eyed CCTV controller spotted the rat entering and exiting the building all within a matter of minutes. Luckily for the company the rat left on it's own accord, rats cause havoc in buildings gnawing their way through cables, water pipes, wood and pretty much anything else that stands in their way. 
London Rat Control Team Direct Number 020 8226 6198 

If you would like to know more about our Rat control service, please call 020 8226 6198 No time to call? Send a message 

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