Coronavirus Commercial Disinfection For The Workplace  

High Traffic Areas Are HIGH RISK! 
With reported cases and fatalities constantly on the rise, more workplaces are temporarily closing down for disinfecting and deep cleans, Offices, Doctors Surgery's, Gyms and any retail store are becoming high risk areas for both the general public and the staff that work there. 
As a businesses owner, employer or manager we all have a duty of care under Health and Safety Legislation to ensure steps are being taken that will protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees. This means policies, procedures and actions plans should be reviewed and changes made where necessary to protect against the threat of Coronavirus within the workplace. 

Protecting staff and customers from the spread of Coronavirus within the workplace 

Area Pest Controls Coronavirus Disinfecting and Cleaning service will be a key part of your action plan for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. We can book in appointments that work around your opening hours meaning minimal disturbance to your operation and working practices with little or no downtime to the business. 
For details on Coronavirus in your Home, see the Home Disinfection page 
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Helping To Safeguard Your Business, Employees and Customers 

Dealing with Coronavirus within Public Areas, Retail Units, Gyms, Bars, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Offices, Care Homes, Doctors Surgery and many other commercial settings.  
Area Pest Control provides a treatment with a range of broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectants which have inferred efficacy against Coronavirus due to proven efficacy against Caliciviridae and Vaccinia virus, the laboratory surrogate strain for enveloped virus claims (Coronavirus is an enveloped virus).  
Disinfection procedures are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Health England. 
Cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas along with frequently touched objects such as door handles, light switches, taps and surfaces is good practice in many aspects of public health and key to preventing the spread of Coronavirus. 
For details on Coronavirus in your Home, see the Home Disinfection page 
See the video below for a demonstration of our ULV Machine fogging disinfectant 
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