Pest Control Waste Management 

 Pest control for waste management transfer sites 

We know waste management when it comes to pest control, having controlled both rodent and fly pests on recycling plants for over 5 years, predominantly in the plastic and cardboard sector. 
We understand the pressure that the Environmental Agency (EA) can impose on waste management facilities companies to control vermin and flies on their sites and work with the EA and waste management companies to put in place pest control, prevention and monitoring procedures that satisfy the EA’s requirements and guidelines. 
Supplying all their basic needs: food, water, shelter and even heat from the machinery motors, 
waste facility sites are the perfect place for rats to live and breed. 
With the rats being in such close proximity to machinery they will often go inside, chewing through wires and causing a large amount of damage, not to mention down time and loss of profits. Have you stopped to think what costs are involved when the baler, sorting unit or conveyors go down and need repair? 
This is also true of flies. A female fly can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. Flies will feed and lay their eggs on the liquid residue found in the bottles brought in for recycling. Within days this can lead to thousands of flies. Managing these infestations is key in keeping your business neighbours and the EA happy. 
Waste managment pest control
Pest control waste plant
We can help 
As your operation grows, so should your pest control service. The more waste that is imported and stored will mean a rise in the number of rats and flies on the site. Your pest control service and supplier should be growing with you. Not only with regards to adding additional bait boxes but more importantly implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and following it. This should be backed up with the appropriate RAMS, safety and data sheets. 
• Does your waste facility have a procedure in place for dealing with pests? 
• Do you have a pest control service in place? 
• When was the service last updated? 
• Has your operation grown? Has your pest control service kept pace? 

Fly Control 

• Consultancy 
• Surveys & Reporting 
• Spray treatments 
• Insecticide fogging 
• Fly traps 
• Fly monitoring stations 
• Electronic fly killers (EFK) 

Rodent Control 

• Consultancy 
• Surveys & Reporting 
• Service Agreements 
• Rat trapping 
• Rat bait boxes 
• Mapping hot spots 
Counting the Cost 
Our contracts are designed with you in mind and we work hard to ensure that you are getting the best possible service by providing: 
Realistic pricing 
Monthly payment plans 
Pre-arranged appointments 
Routine visits at a time to suit you 
A properly managed pest control service will reduce the risk of contamination, avoid pest infestations, and provide a safe and pleasant working environment. 
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