Are Pigeons under your solar panels? 

Solar panel offer 
As a big thank you, for all orders taken in January, we will clean your solar panels at 1/2 the Price. 
Pigeons have really switched on to the shelter solar panels can offer them. Attracted by the warmth from the lingering heat in the panels, they see it as a safe place to shelter away from predators. 
Pesky birds, pigeons can produce 12-14kg of droppings a year. That’s equivalent to 6 bags of sugar from just one bird! And when a panel becomes this dirty the productivity of each panel is severely reduced. 

Pigeons nesting under solar panels create serious issues for homeowners 

A dozen or more pigeons on your roof at any one time can become very noisy, pigeons nesting under the solar panels causing its own problems:  
Insects infest nests which can become a nuisance for you as the fledglings leave 
Nesting sites can double or triple every year 
Nesting under the panels causes damage to wiring and reduces the panels efficiency 
Droppings build up quickly in the gutter causing them to overflow 
50% OFF solar panel cleaning with all orders taken in January 
Help is at hand 
ApcUK are a pigeon control service provider offering bespoke solutions and with a 100% success rate, we are specialists in proofing solar panels to keep pigeons out. 
We have developed a unique system using galvanised welded wire mesh, galvanised metal clips and UV resistant restraints we do not drill into any part of the solar panel array, so your warranty won’t be affected in any way. 
Before starting the process, we make sure that the gutter is cleared and free flowing and that all nests, debris and droppings removed are securely disposed of. 
All of our work, including parts is covered by our 6 year guarantee, with any defective parts being replaced at no extra cost to the customer. 
Get in touch 
If you are being plagued with pigeons under your panels and need help fast, get in touch with us now.  
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Solar panel offer 
As a thank you, for all orders taken in January, we will clean your solar panels at 1/2 the cost. 
Why should I have my solar panels cleaned? 
Solar panels like any glass gets dirty over time and the dirtier they get, the lower the amount of electricity they will produce. Solar panel cleaning is a specialised job and using the wrong equipment can damage the panels. For more information go here. Solar Panel Cleaning Service 
1/2 PRICE solar panel cleans on orders taken in January 
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