DIY Solar Panel Pigeon Protection Kit 

DIY get rid of Pigeons

DIY solution to stop pigeons getting under your solar panels 

No one told you pigeons would nest under your solar panels when you had them installed, and now that they have what are you to do? 
Help is at hand, as well as our professional bespoke installs we also offer a tried and tested DIY product. 
We understand funds are not always available to cover the cost of the unexpected expenses in the home, least of all for removing unwanted birds from under your solar panels. 
That is why we are offering a new DIY system, The Solar Panel Protection Kit the kit prevents pigeons, doves, jackdaws and Bird's from entering under your solar panels. 

Stop pigeons living under your panels 

When installed properly the DIY system will achieve 100% Success rate with keeping birds out! 
The Solar Panel Protection Kit is a new DIY system from ApcUK Services designed to prevent pigeons, doves, jackdaws and birds from nesting under roof solar panels. The kit includes a combination of wire mesh, clips, cable ties and standard wire snips making for an easy to fit install, no drilling is required and this will not affect your warranty.  

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What can be done if the kit is not suitable for my solar panels? 

We supply and carry out professional installs although not with the DIY system, we use a higher grade of galvanised mesh along with metal galvanised clips and wire ties. When ApcUK carries out the install you will receive a 6 year guarantee for all parts and labour. Our installers will arrive at your home in a fully kitted out solar panel proofing vehicle holding a full range of clips and mesh to cover type of solar panel system installed in the UK our mesh is stored on large rolls and cut to size at your home to guarantee the perfect fit every time. 
If you feel the DIY route is not for you then we would be happy to supply you with a free no obligation quotation, for more details on our professional installs head over to the main solar panel page 

How to Install your DIY Solar Panel Protection Kit 

You will receive fitting instructions in your kit, 
See below for a video and photos on installation . 

If you would like to know more about our Solar Panel services, please call us on 020 8226 6198 or alternatively Click Here to complete our short contact form. 

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