Solar Panel Jackdaw Proofing UK Wide 

 Are Jackdaws nesting under your solar panels? 

Jackdaws start to build their nests from late March and on into April, and are usually found nesting in chimneys and hollow trees and not under solar panels, however they are now exploiting a new man-made shelter. 
Apart from the noise and mess caused by the Jackdaws being under the soalr panels, they way in which they build their nests can result in nesting material made up from sticks, twigs, grass, hay and wool blocking the lenght of your solar array. This can casue hot spots on the panels leading to burnt out cells. 
ApcUK has developed a bird barrier system using galvanised welded wire mesh, clips and wire ties. Using this system we achieve 100% success rate with keeping Jackdaws out! Using this system will not affect your warranty, we do not drill into any part of the array. 
Our solar panel proofing experts are happy to talk to the company that installed your panels, for your peace of mind. 
1/2 Price Solar Panel cleaning 
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We have achieved 100% success rate with keeping Jackdaws out! 
Once Jackdaws have decided to live under your solar array they will build a nest and before long, more Jackdaws will follow. 
Jackdaws nests are much larger then pigeons they are better built and contain a lot more sticks which pesents a fire hazard due to the dried grass and hay they use to line the final layer of the nest. 
Jackdaw problems solar panels

 Stop Jackdaws going under your solar panel array 

In their natural habitat, Jackdaws build their nests by filling up cavities in trees with sticks until they reach the top of the cavity. When nesting under solar panels they build nests in much the same way, dropping sticks and twigs under the panels until they reach the top, the nest is then lined with wool or hair. The Jackdaws nest design does not bode well for the solar panel, the deep nest will cause hot spots all over the panel due to restricted airflow dramatically reducing the output and ultimately damaging the panel. 
To keep Jackdaws out of your solar panel array contact us for a quotation 020 8226 6198 

 Getting rid of Jackdaws for under solar panels 

6 year guarantee for parts and labour✔ 
All components are galvanised steel✔ 
Clip System "We do not drill holes"✔ 
Gutters cleared and cleaned  
In house designed system ✔ 
Fully removable for maintenance ✔ 
Guaranteed Solar Panels
6 Year Guarantee Solar
The ApcUK Solar Panel Proofing Process 
The gutter is cleaned as part of the works. 
Under Solar Panels: 
All Jackdaws, nests and debris are removed from under the solar panels. 
Proofing to keep jackdaws from going under the solar panel array: 
Using the system developed in house by ApcUK. Galvanised metal clips are installed to the lower lip of the panel. This process is carried out on every outer panel within the array. 
Galvanised welded wire mesh is then cut on site to the correct size, ties are used to attach the mesh to the clips, this creates a physical barrier to stop the Jackdaws going back under the solar panels. 
I would like a quotation to have my solar panel proofed, how can I get one? 
For a detailed quotation on the costs to remove Jackdaws their nest and debris from under your solar panels, please fill out the from to your right. We will contact you as soon as possible. 
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Solar Panel Cleaning 

ApcUK offer a professional solar panel cleaning service using pure water 
For more information on solar panel cleaning see our page on Solar Panel Cleaning
Whilst we are on site Jackdaw proofing your solar panels, we can clean the solar panel array using 100% pure water system. Just ask about our cleaning package when you call. 

If you would like to know more about our Solar Panel services, please call us on 020 8226 6198 or alternatively Click Here to complete our short contact form. 

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