Recent videos of solar panel proofing projects 

 Dove solar panel proofing in Turvey, Bedfordshire 

This solar array had 15 doves nesting underneath the panels, which had come from a local dovecote. The constant all night cooing and movement from the doves was preventing the owners from sleeping. 
We removed the nests and doves, installed our bird proofing system around the solar panels and cleared the gutter of droppings and nest debris. 
Click on the time-lapse video to see our work. 

Squirrel solar panel proofing in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 

Squirrels can be a very costly pest to have under your solar array, they habitually gnaw and can make light work of chewing through both the wires connecting the solar panels to each other and the power inverter. The overall result will be loss of the power supply to your home. 
No power to the inverter means loss of any electricity generated during the day, loss of your feed-in tariff and a costly repair bill. 
The owner called ApcUK as soon as the squirrels were seen going under the solar panels. We’re happy to say that due to our quick response, no damaged was caused. The solar panels are now fully protected and squirrel proofed. 
For more information on squirrel removal and protection of your solar panels go over to the Squirrel Page 

 Pigeon solar array protection in Welling, Kent 

We started the month with a double array in need of pigeon control. The main array, as you can see is on the back, with a second, smaller one to the side of the roof. Using a Scaffold Tower and an Easi Dec we were able to access both arrays at the same time. A cost saving and more convenient for the client, as the work could be completed in one day. To see how this all works take a look at the time-lapse video. 
For more information on pigeon removal and protection of your solar panels, take a look at the Pigeon Page 

 Pigeon solar panel proofing in Sutton, Cheam 

We’re travelling down to Cheam today to remove pigeons from under solar panels and prevent them from going back under. The property has a conservatory attached to two of the external walls which means to access the array, we will have to install scaffolding. 
Job done. Once the pigeons and nesting material had been removed, the perimeter of the array was clipped and meshed before finishing the job off with a professional clean using water fed poles and pure deionised water. 
Click on the time-lapse video of our work. 
For more information on our solar panel pigeon service head over to the Pigeon Page 

 Pigeon solar panel proofing in Sidcup, Kent 

We’re back Kent, the garden of England today and another double array. A high-pitched garage roof and extension to the back, meant scaffolding was needed once again. Usually there is a gap between 5-6” between the roof and panels, however, these panels sat 9” up off the roof. Experience tells us that every solar array is different – from the height of the panels to the type of clips needed. There really is no ‘one size fits all’. Prepared for all eventualities, our dedicated solar panel van carries all sizes of clips and large rolls of mesh, so that everything can be cut exactly to size. 
Take a look, click on the time-lapse video of our work. 
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