Recent Solar Panel Proofing Projects 

We've included below a sample of the solar panel proofing projects we have carried out across the country. 

Pigeon Problems Under Solar Panels in Croydon 

We had a lovely review from the owner of this property, following the removal of the pigeons their nests, clearing the gutter of pigeon droppings and cleaning the solar panels. 
“ Hi Daniel 
Just to say thank you for the job you did yesterday. Everything was really professionally done and that was appreciated. 
It was bliss waking up to the sound of silence today- we are still scaring the pigeons off today but hopefully they’ll understand soon that they can’t get back to their ‘home’ as they’ve been picking away at it today trying to get in! 
Thank you again. 
Kind regards 
S Myers 
South Croydon “ 
Pigeons Solar Panels Corydon

Pigeons Living Under Solar Panels in Biddenham, Bedford 

We was able to save the client a large amount on scaffolding costs, by having our in-house team erect the scaffolding.  
The scaffolding was erected on the morning of the job and dismantled on completion of the works. This was a real benefit to the client, not only was there a cost saving but also just having one contractor to deal with and no security issues with scaffolding being left in situ. 
Pigeons had been using the solar panels for roosting and nest building for the last 6 months. 
The client had been proactive in removing the nests with long canes during this time and had been keeping on top of the pigeon issue, finally enough was enough and ApcUK Services was called into proof the panels preventing the pigeons from gaining access back underneath the panels. 
Pigeons solar panels Biddenham, Bedford

 Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels in Wokingham, Berkshire 

Wokingham is well known for having supplied bells to many churches form its Bell Foundry during the 14th - 16th centuries. Unfortunately it now seems it is becoming well known for having a large population of Pigeons in its town centre. Our client has 3 solar arrays on the roof of their home, 2 of the arrays had pigeons nests under them. In total we removed 3 nests over 10 pigeons and many bags of nesting materials and droppings. 
Solar panel dove proofing

 Dove Solar Panel Proofing in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 

This solar array had a family of doves nesting underneath, waking the owners up regularly at around 5am every morning. 
We removed the nest, installed our bird proofing system around the solar panels, cleared the gutter and unblocked the down pipe. 
Click on the photo to see the dove inspecting our work. 
Solar panel dove proofing

Pigeon Solar Array Proofing in Minster, Kent 

The poor owners had been living with a large flock of pigeons under their solar panels and on the roof for quite sometime, unsurprisingly we removed a large number of nests from under the solar array. 
Due to the amount of pigeons perching and roosting both under and around the PV Cells, the panels were soiled with pigeon droppings, 0nce we'd evicted the pigeons and removed the nests and eggs, we cleaned the panels to remove all the bird droppings and dust that had built up over the years. 
Pigeons nest under solar panels
Solar Panel Cleaning
Pigeons blocked out of solar panels

Pigeon Solar Array Proofing in Luton, Bedfordshire 

In Luton for our next pigeon solar panel proofing job. 
A large number of pigeons were living under this array, causing problems not only for the owners but also their next door neighbours. 
With blocked gutters, droppings and early morning wake up calls from the pigeons. 
For more information on pigeon solar panel proofing see Pigeons 
Pigeons under solar panels

Squirrel Solar Panel Proofing in Tamworth, Staffordshire 

As you can see, Adam is removing a squirrels drey from under solar panels. 
I am always amazed by how much material is in a drey - they must be very well insulated! 
Squirrels present a real problem when under solar arrays. No only can they can be very destructive but they can also cause a lot of damage to the wiring and will even gnaw at the frame work. 
For more information on squirrel solar panel proofing see Squirrels 
Removing squirrels from under solar panels
Squirrel drey under solar panels

Jackdaw Solar Panel Proofing in Upavon, Wiltshire 

We are in the lovely village of Upavon today and the sun is out! 
Jackdaws (very noisy Jackdaws at that!) nesting under the solar array are the problem here. 
Unlike pigeons, Jackdaws are great nest builders and the sticks, dried hay and grass just kept on coming. 
For more information on Jackdaw solar panel proofing see Jackdaws 
Jackdaws nesting under soalr panels
Solar array Jackdaw proofed

Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing in Rochester, Kent 

Working in the historic city of Rochester today. 
We had a fearless pigeon keeping us company while we were installing the pigeon proofing system. 
He stayed on the roof for most of the day and certainly wasn't in least concerned by our presence on the roof. 
For more information on pigeon solar panel proofing see Pigeons 
Solar Panels Rochester
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