Squirrel under solar panels

Solar Panel Squirrel Proofing  

 Squirrels nesting under solar panels 

Squirrels by their very nature gnaw. In fact they have to, to keep their incisors at a manageable level. 
They are certainly not a pest that you want taking up residence under your solar array. 
Squirrels will gnaw through the electrical solar wiring. The cost of replacing damaged wiring is extremely expensive and could far outweigh the cost of having you solar panels squirrel proofed. 
ApcUK has developed a system using galvanised welded wire mesh, galvanised metal clips and galvanised wire. 
Using this system we have achieved 100% success rate with keeping the squirrels out! 
Our system does not affect your warranty, as we do not drill into any part of the array. 
Our solar panel proofing experts are happy to talk to the company that installed your panels, for your peace of mind. 
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When booked with proofing works 
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We have achieved 100% Success with keeping squirrels out! 
Once squirrels have decided they want to live under your solar array they will build a drey to raise their young.  
Dreys are larger than a pigeons nest and more likely to be a fire hazard due to dry finer nesting materials used to line the drey. 
When protecting your solar panels from squirrels we use an upgraded mesh which is stronger and of a thicker gauge. 
The aperture size naturally has to be slightly larger however at 13x13mm this also prevents pigeons and other bird's from gaining access to the underside of the panels.  

 Stop squirrels going under your solar panel array 

Squirrels will build their dreys right up against the wires and incorporate them into the nesting materials putting the wires at further risk of being gnawed and damaged. 
To protect your solar panel array investment form squirrel damage contact us for a quotation 020 8226 6198 
Squirrel drey under solar panels
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You can see here the damage a squirrel can cause by gnawing the plastic frame end caps and the fine nesting material made up from dried grass, leaves and plastic bags presenting a real fire risk. 
Squirrel damage to solar panels
Squirrels nesting solar panels
The ApcUK Solar Panel Proofing Process 
The gutter is cleaned as part of the works. 
Under Solar Panels: 
All squirrels, dreys and debris are removed from under the solar panels. 
Proofing to stop squirrels going under the solar panel array: 
Using the system developed by ApcUK. Galvanised metal clips are installed to the lower lip of the panel. This process is carried out on every outer panel within the array. 
Galvanised welded wire mesh is then cut to size, galvanised wire is then used to attach the mesh to the clips, creating a physical barrier to stop the squirrels going back under the solar panels. 
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Solar Panel Cleaning 

ApcUK offer a professional clean using pure water. 
For more information on solar panel cleaning see our page on Solar Panel Cleaning
Whilst we are on site squirrel proofing your solar panels, we can clean your solar panel array using pure water system. Just ask about the cleaning package when you call. 

If you would like to know more about our Solar Panel services, please call us on 020 8226 6198 or alternatively Click Here to complete our short contact form. 

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